Seas of Change

“Greg MacGillivray was asleep below deck on an ice breaker north of the Arctic Circle. After making 35 IMAX films, and two Oscar nominations, he was used to brutal shooting schedules, but his crew tried not to wake him unless it was important.

“Someone shouted down the narrow stairwell.

“‘Greg, you’re going to want to see this.’”stories_files/55_LBM23_Ocean_1.pdf
Controlled Slide

“Downhill skateboarding is about nasty amounts of speed, and ’02-’03 world champ Mark Golter was the nastiest.

“Then came his fifth concussion and the suicide of a team mate.”stories_files/LBmag_Skate.pdf
Schooled in Alaska

“Everything is bigger in Alaska. You don’t take bug spray when you go camping, you take a gun. You don’t hike to your line, you take a helicopter. The sloughs here would be called avalanches back home, and the avalanches, natural disasters.

“This is the captain speaking. Take your protein pill. Put your helmet on...”stories_files/Heliski%20Guide%20School%20in%20Alaska_1.pdf

“At a high mountain border crossing in a snow storm, we were detained. Unable to cross to Argentina, or return to Chile, we had tea with the police in their deserted station.

“We later got to Argentina on the same flight as the Uruguayan rugby team that, after crashing, resorted to eating their dead.”stories_files/Out%20of%20Bounds%20in%20the%20Andes_1.pdf
On Not Climbing

“The green glow on the dash read 5:00a. I found myself in Mikel’s car, on a dirt road in the dark. He’d just had his wisdom teeth out and felt like someone gave him a shot of demerol for breakfast. Ands we were supposed to climb twelve pitches at 13,000 feet.”stories_files/ClimbingMag_PDF_1.pdf
Morning Flock

“The morning eruption goes on all around the bird watchers as thousands of water fowl greet the day. The activity is not limited to John’s flock, however. On the bike path there are runners and walkers, roller bladders and cyclists, whose conversations fade as they follow the bay’s curve toward its inland terminus, pushed by the onshore breeze, with no idea they just passed a once in 15 year phenomenon...”stories_files/Birds_1.pdf
Some Pop Corks, Others Splash Into New Year

“It’s 7:48 a.m., New Year’s Day. I peer through the fog at a group of tall, lean people in full length varsity parkas. It’s downright bone-chilling. A few of them look toward the ocean expectantly as they huddle and talk. Gradually and without a cue, they don caps and goggles and move toward the frigid water in nothing more than Speedos...”stories_files/NewYears_1.pdf
The Naked Flight

“I could see the scene on the tarmac: ‘On your toes everybody! We have a surfer from California who wants us to be extra careful with his board!’ they would laugh as they ribbed each other and crushed my board under the wheels of their luggage cart.”
Shining a Spotlight on the World’s Only Undersea Lab

“Our push to go to the moon in the 1960s wasn’t motivated by finding clean energy, bringing global peace, or curing cancer. We went there because it inspired and united people. And not just Americans - it was an accomplishment for humanity. Aquarius motivates us to look inward instead of skyward, to find an even greater sense of pride than landing on the foreign soil of the moon: understanding our home.”
You Can Thank the Higgs Boson for Good Surf

“It’s the imperfections in a coastline, the cobblestone points, river mouths, seasonal sand bars and quirky rock shelves, or say, the reef at Pipeline -- the breaks in symmetry, that make great waves.

“So here’s to living in a universe ruled by simple, elegant, symmetrical laws...and the asymmetrical anomalies that break them.”
Wild Connections

“This is crazy. I’ve never surfed in a river,” I said.

“Really? We’ve never surfed in the ocean.”


Watershed: A Moment With Matt Stoekcer

“I think people are waking up to the fact that you can get what you want and not fuck everything up.”
Forty Percent More Fun

“We were at a wedding and they served Chilean Sea Bass and we went, “Oh fuck.” And yeah, we ate it. But how do you get people to change even after you’ve communicated that they’re catching the very last fish, they’re driving that fish to extinction?”
A Faith Born of Precognitive Adventures

“In a world where characters like Aamion are disappearing, is a life like his destined to fade into myth? Is it a myth already?”